Demonstration Landscape Video

Through the funding and support of San Gabriel Valley Metropolitan Water District (SGVMWD), the primary make-up water provider for the City of Azusa, Azusa Light and Water chose showcase project sites as examples of drought tolerant landscaping for the citizens and businesses.

The sites that were chosen for the showcase projects have various themes. The Azusa Chamber of Commerce at 240 W. Foothill, a converted residential building, is an example for residential customers. The planter area in front of the Light and Water building at 729 N. Azusa Ave. and the Gateway Center at the mouth of Azusa Canyon, are both good examples for residential or commercial customers. The fourth location at the new Memorial Park Gymnasium, 320 N. Orange Place, is targeted toward commercial customers.

Project Videos

Each of the locations is an educational experience that has the overriding message is to show that we don't need to use a lot of water in order to have a beautiful landscaping project in Southern California and encourage conservation awareness. Take a minute to view a video of these projects.