Schedule NGP


The purpose of this Schedule is to establish a per kilowatt hour rate that will be paid by Azusa Light & Water to electric customers that generate an annual net surplus of electricity. This rate is intended to provide an incentive to customers for installation of solar generation systems and to comply with Assembly Bill 510 which was signed into law on February 26, 2010. This rate shall not apply to those customers who are taking service under Schedule CEM – Co-Energy Metering.


Within the electric service territory of the City of Azusa.

Net Generator Payment Amount Effective July 1, 2023, thru June 30, 2024:

Net Generator Payment per kWh: $0.0977

Special Conditions:

1. Each eligible customer is to have an approved interconnection agreement with Azusa Light & Water and be in compliance with said agreement.
2. Each eligible customer must generate more electricity than customer consumes from Azusa Light & Water during each twelve month period beginning with the month of initial production.
3. Any net surplus of electricity generated by customer in one month shall be carried forward to the next month.
4. All monthly carried forward net surpluses of electricity will be reduced by any net consumption in the following month(s).
5. Payments by Azusa Light & Water for net surplus of electricity will be made annually within 30 days following the month of initial production.
6. The Net Generator Payment Amount shall be administratively updated on July 1 of each year with the signature of the Director of Utilities and shall be based on the approved budget for purchased power costs divided by forecasted consumption.
7. The Net Generator Payment shall be effective from July 1 through June 30, unless otherwise indicated, and the effective period shall be used to calculate the Net Generator Payment Amount.
8. Customers should be aware that purchased power costs can vary significantly and Azusa Light & Water reserves the right to change the Net Generator Payment Amount at any time.
9. Azusa Light & Water is not responsible for any customer financial losses associated with decisions by the customer to invest in solar power generation based on the Net Generator Payment Amount.