National Preparedness Month

Be a part of the national disaster preparedness effort! When it comes to protecting yourself and your family and pets, no one can do this better than you. The Cal Tech Seismologists tell us that there is a 67% chance of a major catastrophic Earthquake, magnitude 7.8 or higher, within the next 30 years, here in Southern California. If a large disaster should strike our community, it will affect us all. If your home is damaged, imagine what it has done to business and industry, and government facilities. If your communications are down, it’s possible City facilities have also lost power and the ability to communicate with First Responders. If it isn’t easy for you to get to work, how easy will it be for government employees? The real truth about recovery, is that it’s going to take more than just government to get back on our feet. It’s going to take a collaborative effort between government, residents, businesses, and schools to make our City whole again. Take some time now to get Ready. Prepare, Plan, and Stay Informed.