Schedule EV

This program has been extended effective January 1, 2017.

Electric Vehicle Off-Peak Charging Discount
(Adopted by Resolution No. UB-13-2016)


Applicable to residential customers owning or leasing electric vehicles and receiving electric
service from Azusa Light & Water under Schedule D, Schedule WHISH, and Schedule RL. The
purpose of this rate tariff is to incent the charging of electric vehicles during off-peak or low load
hours by these customers.


Within the electric service area of the City of Azusa.


For qualifying residential customers, the price for electricity consumed during the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. in excess of 50 kWh, shall be discounted by 5 cents per kWh from the “All excess kWh” contained in their respective rate schedule. The amount of discounted electricity shall not exceed 500 kWh per billing period.

Special Conditions:
1. Schedule EV shall become effective on January 1, 2017 and shall remain in place
until replaced or canceled.
2. Customers desiring to take advantage of Schedule EV must file an application with
Azusa Light & Water for approval prior to receiving service under this Schedule EV.
Evidence of vehicle ownership/lease shall be provided with the application.
3. As required, Azusa Light & Water shall have the right to install an electric time-of-use
(TOU) meter, at its cost, which is capable of determining electric usage during the
discount hours designated above. If it is necessary to replace the meter plug-in device
("meter can") to accept the special meter, the customer shall be required to install a new
meter can and associated equipment at it's cost.
4. Customers shall promptly notify Azusa Light & Water if it no longer possesses the
electric vehicle so service under this Schedule EV can be terminated.
5. The Director of Utilities shall be responsible for implementing this rate schedule to
include determination of whether or not an applicant qualifies, or no longer qualifies, for
discounted service hereunder. The Director may also establish a list of qualifying plug-in
electric vehicles or determine that a certain vehicle does not qualify for service under this
rate schedule.
6. Residential customers with installed solar production facilities shall not be eligible for
service under this rate schedule.
7. The Azusa Utility Board may modify or eliminate Schedule EV at any time.