Community Improvement Division

Division Overview

The Community Improvement Division encompasses two functions: code enforcement and business licensing.

Community Improvement Officers enforce City codes to promote a safe and blight-free community by addressing substandard housing, property maintenance, neighborhood preservation, zoning violations, dangerous buildings, unauthorized land and building uses, unpermitted work, and other Health and Safety code violations.  Their work increases neighborhood livability, improving property values and enhancing quality of life issues.  Staff is responsible for ensuring compliance with City and State codes by performing inspections, providing relevant information and educating the public, as well as developing administrative remedies as needed.  The work of the City’s Community Improvement Officers also often serves an essential tool for crime prevention.

Business Licensing is responsible for levying and collecting taxes, fees, and other assessments as well as licensing and permitting all businesses throughout the City. This program includes license application processing, license issuance, and records management. The taxes and fees collected as part of the business license program help fund essential services in the City, such as Police, Fire, Parks and Street maintenance

Division Inspections and Services

The Community Improvement Division is responsible for a variety of inspections and services. Some of those services include, but are not limited to, the following: 

    Community Improvement Officers (code enforcement) 

      - Complaints (proactive and reactive)
      - Annual Rental Property Inspections
      - Real property Records Report (RPRR) pre-sale inspection

    Business Licensing

     - New business license application
     - Business license issuance
     - Business license

Division Contacts

To contact a Community Improvement please call or email:
Betty Gallardo (626) 812-5265 or Community Improvement  

To contact Business License please call or email:
Liz Cortez (626) 812-5249 or 

Refer to the Community Improvement Division Directory for contact information of all the staff.