Common Code Violations

Barking Dogs
Business license required for Home Occupation
Business license required for rental property
Business license required for all services
Graffiti on private property
High weeds (in excess of 6 inches) and dry vegetation
Illegal auto repairs/dismantling
Illegal conversion of garage into a living area
Illegal dumping in alleys and on private properties
Illegal and disruptive businesses in residential neighborhoods
Illegal fireworks
Illegal signs and banners, including garage sale signs placed on public property
Improper storage of recreational vehicles
Indoor furniture stored in the front yard
Inoperable, disassembled or abandoned vehicles on private property
Junk and other debris stored on private property
Paint on structure chipping and peeling
Parking of commercial vehicles in residential zone
Rental property not registered with the City of Azusa
Substandard housing conditions
Trash containers stored in public view
Trash, debris, dead vegetation and cast-off items stored in public view
Tents, Canopies and Portable Shelter Structures
Un-permitted occupancy
Unsightly buildings in disrepair
Unsightly deteriorated fencing
Unsecured / Non-Maintained Vacant Buildings
Vehicle(s) parked or stored on unpaved surface
Work conducted without Building permits

Issues that are NOT code violations:

Civil disputes between private parties
Personal grievances

Reference Information

Azusa Municipal Code
Landlord/Tenant Rights