San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Plan

On October 10, 2014, President Barack Obama designated 346,177 acres of existing federal lands as the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, the eighth national monument under Forest Service management.

The recently designated national monument covers 342,177 acres of the Angeles National Forest and 4,002 acres of neighboring San Bernardino National Forest. The area is within 90 minutes of 15 million people in the Los Angeles Basin.

The Forest Service is currently seeking public comments concerning the scope of a proposed management plan for the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. This management plan will not only guide how Monument resources and uses will be managed, but will provide for the protection of the wilderness area and its many resources to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Monument.

As a gateway to the Monument, the City of Azusa believes that the Monument Plan must include specific guidelines for the protection and interpretation of the scenic, recreational, water quality, rich cultural history, scientific, wilderness, watershed, rivers, vegetation diversity, and ecological values and features of the mountain range. The City encourages residents to provide input on the Monument Plan, as well as share their own thoughts and experiences that underscore the need for improved visitor services, and protection of the natural and cultural values and resources of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. The official comment period will be open from June 12-July 27, 2015. Comments can be emailed or submitted to the National Monument Plan comment page or you can send an email directly to Supervisor Jeffery Vail.

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