Patrol Operations

From patrolling the roadways for traffic violations to checking on your neighborhood for criminal activity, Azusa Police Department patrol officers are vigilant in their work to suppress crime.
It is said that the backbone of law enforcement are the officers assigned to the patrol division. Nothing could be further from the truth!

We believe in rotating our patrol officers into special assignments, and officers in special assignments back to patrol. This allows us the ability to utilize the expertise of these officers where they can be the most effective - the field.

Officers work three 12.5 hour shifts, either during the evening/early morning hours, or during daytime hours. Shift staffing consists of patrol officers, field supervisors and a watch commander. Augmenting the shifts are additional personnel, such as traffic officers and community service officers and/or police aides.

All personnel are assigned a work area, which may be either one of the patrol beats, or the entire city itself. A patrol beat is the same as our Service Area Command system, which can be found here. Patrol beats allow for even distribution of personnel.

In addition to these officers working patrol, the officers assigned to special assignments are always available to assist with priority calls for service, or incidents in which additional officers will be needed.