Public Power Week 2016

Public Power Week Banner

Happy Public Power Week 2016!

This year, Public Power Week is October 2-8. Azusa Light & Water pauses to acknowledge Azusa’s ownership of its electric utility which has resulted in a significant public benefit to Azusa citizens and businesses.

The benefits of being a public power utility come in the form of higher customer service and reliable, efficient and cost-effective electricity at not-for-profit rates. Local governance by the Utility Board continues to be an important aspect in leading Azusa in making it a better place in which to live and work, as well as protecting the global environment.

ALW also acknowledges the efforts of many Light & Water employees and power line workers who often work diligently in the background over the years to ensure continuous service and provide fast response when problems do arise. These concerted efforts have earned ALW the RP3 designation, one of 82 in the nation of more than 2000 public power utilities who was presented with the award, recognizing it as one of the most reliable electric providers in the industry.