San Gabriel Complex Incident Information

San Gabriel Complex Fire Incident Mountainside
This site is established to provide information to the residents; property owners that have been or at risk of being impacted as a result of the San Gabriel Complex Fire and its aftermath. While the fire itself has been extinguished, the restoration and rebuilding will take a considerable amount of time, nearly 5-years according to experts from US Forest Service and LA County Fire Department.

While the effort to restore Azusa's Foothills is underway, we must also prepare for severe flooding and debris flow problems that can arise during and after each rain. The cooperation of all persons working or living within the designated San Gabriel Complex Incident Impact Area is critical to our single goal of protecting life and property.

Evacuation and re-entry protocols will be based on the debris-flow potential of the 
San Gabriel Complex Incident  
Impacted Areas Will Be Notified By Public Safety

A. Only persons and vehicles authorized by the Azusa Police Department will be permitted to enter secured/impacted/potentially impacted areas.

B. Only residents (with proof of residency) will be permitted to enter secured/impacted/potentially impacted areas, with Azusa Police Department approval.

C. Additional extra patrol will be conducted in the area for 8 hours after any checkpoints are lifted.

Interactive Impact Area Map