Legislative Platform

The City Manager's Office coordinates a very active Legislative Platform focused on protecting the interests of the community and identifying resources available to enhance City services and programs. The City’s Legislative Platform involves researching and monitoring federal and state bills, preparing position papers and letters in response to proposed legislation, and working with legislative representatives and their staffs to promote the interests of the community. The City Council and City Manager's Office works closely with it's legislative advocate in Sacramento, as well as with the League of California Cities, to influence policy decisions that affect cities and pressure local control and local funding.

View the City of Azusa's 2021 Legislative Platform.

Current Letters of Support/Opposition:

COVID-19 Relief Letter
SB 9 (Atkins) Opposition Letter
SB426 Support Letter
AB 1180 Letter of Support
AB 1250 (Jones-Sawyer) Letter of Opposition
SB 1 and ACA 5 Letter of Support
SB 231 (Hertzberg) Letter of Opposition
SB 541 (Allen) Letter of Support
SB 589 (Hernandez) Letter of Support
SB 649 Letter of Opposition
SB 711 (Hill) Letter of Support
SB 268 (Mendoza) Letter of Opposition
Prop. 64 (Brown) Letter of Opposition

Quarterly Legislative Updates

Legislative Directory