Start a New Business

Establishing a Business in Azusa

The City of Azusa issues business licenses to regulate business activities that occur within city limits. We understand that when our business partners succeed, so does the City and our community. Below is a step by step process that serves as an outline to help you start your business in Azusa.

Step 1: Obtain a zoning clearance for your proposed business. Ask if there are restrictions or permits required on the use of the building where you plan to locate your business. Visit the Planning Counter or call the Planning Department for more information: (626) 812-5289.

Step 2: Register for a business license (business tax receipt is required). All businesses located and/or operating within the City of Azusa are required to obtain a Business License prior to conducting business. To find more information about business licenses or to apply for a business license online, visit

Step 3: Apply for permits if construction/remodeling within the building will take place, or if there is a change in occupancy use of the structure as a result of the new business. 
         •Electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and/or fire permits may be required.
         •Permits may be required for use / storage / handling of chemicals, or sites with toxic problems

Additional Clearances 

Call the County Fire Department at (626) 969-7876 for a fire safety inspection.

Call the Los Angeles County Clerk's Office at (562) 462-2177 if you need to file a Fictitious Business Name Statement.

Call the State Board of Equalization at (310) 908-5280 if you will be selling or leasing products, for a sellers permit or resale number.

If you will be hiring employees:

Call the State Employment Development Department at (888) 745-3886

Call the Internal Revenue Service at (800) 829-3676 to get a federal identification number

Call the Los Angeles County Health Department at (626) 813-3360 if you will be serving food.

Call the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control at (626) 575-6901 if you will be selling alcohol.

Call the South Coast AQMD at (909) 396-2000 if you need an Air Quality Permit. 

Call the Azusa Economic Development Division at (626) 812-5102 if you are looking for a location for your business.

*This information is provided to assist you in establishing a business in Azusa. It is not warranted to be all-inclusive. Any errors or omissions herein will not relieve you of your responsibility in fulfilling all legal requirements.