Canyon City EIR

Notice of Availability

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1.1 Project Location
1.2 Project Summary
1.3 Project Goals/Objectives
1.4 Environmental Issues/Mitigation Summary
1.5 Significant and Unavoidable Impact
1.6 Summary of Project Alternatives

2.0 Introduction and Purpose
2,1 Purpose of the EIR
2.2 Compliance with CEQA
2.3 Notice of Preparation/Early Consultation (Scoping)
2.4 Format of the EIR
2.5 Responsible and Trustee Agencies
2.6 Incorporation by Reference

Project Description
3.0 Project Description
3.1 Project Location
3.1.2 Project Setting (Existing Conditions)
3.2 Background and History
3.3 Project Characteristics
3.3.1 Project Description
3.4 Goals and Objectives
3.5 Phasing/Construction
3.6 Agreements, Permits, and Approvals

Basis of Cumulative Analysis
4.0 Basis of Cumulative Analysis

Environmental Analysis
5.0 Environmental Analysis
5.1 Land Use and Relevant Planning
5.2 Aesthetics
5.3 Biological Resources
5.4 Cultural Resources
5.5 Geology and Soils
5.6 Hydrology
5.7 Hazards and Hazardous Materials
5.8 Traffic
5.9 Air Quality
5.10 Greenhouse Gas Emissions
5.11 Noise
5.12 Public Services and Utilities

Other CEQA Considerations
6.0 Other CEQA Considerations
6.1 Long-Term Implications of the Proposed Project
6.2 Irreversible Environmental Changes That Would Occur If the Project is Implemented
6.3 Growth- Inducing Impacts
6.4 Energy Conservation
6.4.1 Project Energy Consumption
6.4.2 Regulatory Setting
6.4.3 Standards of Significance
6.4.4 Energy Consumption

7.0 Alternatives to the Proposed Project
7.1 Summary of the Project Objectives
7.2 Summary of Significant Impacts
7.3 Alternatives Considered But Rejected
7.4 "No Project" Alternative
7.5 "Reduced Density Option One" Alternative
7.6 "Reduced Density Option Two" Alternative
7.7 "Environmentally Superior" Alternative

Effects Found Not to be Significant
8.0 Effects Found Not to be Significant

Persons Consulted
9.0 Persons Consulted

10. Bibliography

11.1 Notice of Preparation and Comments
11.2 Habitat Evaluation
11.3 Cultural/Paleontological Resource Assessment
11.4 Geotechnical Study
11.5 Hydrology Water Quality
11.6 Phase I ESA (Due to the size of this file it is not available on the City's web site.  If you would like a copy of the file, please contact Mr. Manuel Munoz at 626-812-5226 or to receive a copy.
11.7 Traffic Impact Analysis
11.9 Noise Study

Canyon City Business Center Final EIR