Consolidated Ready Mix

162 N. Aspan Ave.

Study/Mitigated Negative Determination

Technical Reports

Phase I Environmental Report 
Noise and Vibration Memo
Traffic Generation Analysis
Air Quality and Green House Gas Memo
Employee Count Memo
Cultural Resources Memo 02/19/2018

Project Timeline

  1. August 31, 2017 – City staff received complaint of an illegal cement operating business at 162 N. Aspan Avenue. City staff conducted a field inspection and confirmed the illegal cement operating business. The operator was instructed to cease all operation and obtain all the required permits from the Planning Division.
  2. September 27, 2017 – Planning Commission conducted a Public Hearing for a Use Determination/Interpretation Request to classify dry mix batch plant as a “Manufacturing/Processing – Medium Intensity”. Planning Commission approved the request. 
  3. December 6, 2017 – City of Azusa issues a Notice of Violation - Code Enforcement Issues.
  4. December 13, 2017 – City issued first Cease and Desist Letter to the operator of Consolidated Ready Mix based on various filed inspection dated on September 11, 2017, October 30, 2017, November 16, 2017, December 5, 2017 and December 17, 2017.
  5. December 14, 2017 - Planning Application, Environmental Information Form, Use Permit, and Minor Use Permit Application submitted to the City of Azusa.
  6. April 17, 2018 – Environmental review documentation process is initiated
  7. April 2018 – Present – Environmental Information Form, Project Application, applicant provided Technical Studies undergo revision
  8. May 3, 2018 – City of Azusa issues a second Cease and Desist Letter.
  9. July 12, 2018 – Design Review Committee meeting convened.
  10. July 25, 2018 – Planning Commission meeting convened. Community Meeting/Workshop conducted. Participants informed of the project, anticipated project design, and forthcoming technical reports. Planning Commission directed a second Community Meeting/Workshop be conducted upon completion of all technical reports.