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Maintaining Your Public Safety and Quality of Life Services

Fire PicThe City of Azusa is consistently striving to continue to provide the essential city services that residents expect and deserve based on priorities and needs identified by residents.

The City conducted a Community Issues Survey this summer to get the community’s feedback on what you are most concerned about. Those survey results show that 76% of residents believe the City needs more money to provide and maintain the level of city services, and that public safety continues to be a top of mind concern. 

In 2018, Azusa police officers, local firefighters and paramedics responded to more than 100,000 calls for service, including 15,000 911 emergency calls of which 1,900 were medical emergencies. 

It remains a priority for both residents and the City to maintain fast and effective 911 response services to make sure people get the help they need during a car accident, heart attack or any other life-threatening emergency.

Residents also identified local priorities that they would like the City to continue to address, including:

  • continuing police anti-gang enforcement programs
  • addressing homelessness
  • maintaining police patrols of neighborhood schools
  • maintaining police patrols of neighborhoods, parks and recreations areas
  • preventing cuts to police officer staffing levels
  • maintaining essential city services
  • repairing streets and potholes

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Azusa Services Community Survey Results

Community Survey Presentation