Campaign Statements

Pursuant to Government Code Section 81000, also known as the California Political Reform Act, candidates and campaign committees are required to file campaign disclosure statements which provide detailed accounting information on money spent or contributions received in support or opposition of a candidate, campaign, or measure.

The City Clerk’s Office is the official filing officer for campaign disclosure statements related to elections for the City of Azusa and local City ballot and initiative measures. Additional information regarding Campaign Finance Reporting is available on the website of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). There are many different forms that elected officials and candidates may be required to submit depending on their campaign finance participation including:

Candidate Intention (Form 501)
Committee Information for campaigns receiving over $2,000 (Form 410)
Committee Information for campaigns receiving less than $2,000 (Form 470)
Semi-Annual, and Pre-Election Campaign Statements (Form 460)
24-Hour Independent Expenditure Report (Form 496)
24-Hour Contribution Report (Form 497)

 Name  Position Campaign
Committee Status
 Robert Gonzales Mayor ACTIVE Click Here
 Uriel E. Macias Mayor Pro-Tem  ACTIVE
Click Here 
 Edward J. Alvarez Councilmember  ACTIVE
Click Here
Jesse Avila  Councilmember 
Click Here
 Andrew N. Mendez Councilmember 
Click Here

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Campaign statements from prior years may be requested under the California Public Records Act. Requests may be submitted directly to the Office of the City Clerk by email to .