City Maps

Geographic Information System is a map-based page intended to help you find answers to questions concerning land use, zoning, historic preservation, public art and other zoning-related issues. 

General Plan Map 

The General Plan Map is the blueprint for land use.  It show where various uses like open space, residential, commercial and other land uses will be located, and a series of policies that guide future decisions about growth, development and conservation of resources.  Below are links to a printable and online interactive General Plan Map:

Printable City of Azusa General Plan Map 

Zoning Map 

The Zoning Map shows how the City is divided up into separate and distinct "Zoning Districts” and "Specific Plans".  What can be built, and how properties can be used under the assigned zoning designation is defined in the City's Municipal Code Chapter 88 – Development Code.  Specific information on what type of buildings can be constructed includes how tall buildings can be, how close a building can be to property lines, how many buildings can be constructed on each property, what amount of parking must be provided on the property for specific uses, and all other aspects of construction and use of property in the City. Below are links to a printable and online interactive Zoning Map: 

Printable City of Azusa Zoning Map 

Online Interactive City of Azusa Zoning Map