Specific Plans & Long Range Plans

A Specific Plan is a regulatory tool that local governments use to implement the General Plan and to guide development in a localized area. While the City of Azusa General Plan is the primary guide for growth and development in the community, the Specific Plan is able to focus on the unique characteristics of a specialized area.

The City of Azusa currently has five Specific Plans: The Monrovia Nursery Specific Plan, Parkside Azusa Specific Plan, Azusa Pacific University (APU) Specific Plan, Dhammakaya International Meditation Center (DIMC) Specific Plan, and The Azusa TOD Specific Plan.

Azusa Pacific Specific Plan
Dhammakaya Specific Plan
Monrovia Nursery Specific Plan
Parkside Azusa Specific Plan
TOD Specific Plan
2018 Hazard Mitigation Plan