Division Functions

Division Overview

The Planning Division is the liaison to residents, homeowners, businesses, and developers for all zoning functions of the City. The Division is responsible for Current and Advanced Planning, Historic Preservation and Public Art in the City. In order to improve the quality of life for people who live, work and shop in the City, the Division implements goals, objectives, and policies contained in the General Plan, Development Code, Specific Plans and other Long Range Plans. The Advance Planning initiatives undertaken help the City meet future needs while the Current Planning functions help advance the day-to-day services detailed below. In addition, the Planning Division provides technical support to the Planning Commission, Art in Public Places Commission, Cultural and Historic Preservation Commission and Development Review Committee. 

Current Planning

The Current Planning function prepares and administers the City's General Plan, all zoning and subdivision ordinances, and reviews and makes recommendations on land use development applications in order to guide the future growth and development of the City as determined by the City Council. The Division also provides public information regarding planning issues; manages inter-departmental and inter-jurisdictional review; promotes historic preservation (Azusa Historic Preservation); promotes public art (Azusa Arts); and performs environmental review pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act. 

The Planning Division performs the following Current Planning functions:

    Zoning Clearance for business
    Zoning Letters and some Public Records Requests
    Review of Small Development Projects like: room additions, patio, pools, etc.
    Review of Large Development Projects like: subdivision, residential homes, commercial, industrial, etc.
    Staff Liaison to Planning Commission, Art in Public Places Commission, Cultural and Historic Preservation Commission, and        Development Review Committee.  

Advanced Planning 

The Advance Planning function undertakes the long term comprehensive and strategic planning for the City. Advance planning serves as the primary "research and development" arm of the Division. Advance planning is responsible for coordination of the City’s planning efforts with other localities through participation in regional committees, particularly dealing with population, housing, and transportation concerns, through the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). Another key responsibility is the research and analysis of implementation tools that can be used by the City in the management of growth and the promotion of high quality development.

The Planning Division performs the following Advanced Planning functions:

    Update to the City’s General Plan
    Review of General Plan Amendments
    Review Zone Changes
    Revisions to the City’s Development Code
    Preparation and revisions of Specific Plans and Long Range Plans
    Monitoring the amount and type of development to ensure compliance with Congestion Management Program goals
    Preparing studies to update City policies in response to changes in State law, resource availability, and community goals
    Facilitating public participation and community involvement in planning issues
     Administer the Historic Preservation Program and Art in Public Place Program