415 S. Motor Avenue Industrial Project

Project Details

  • Project Address: 415 S Motor Avenue
  • Project Manager: Manuel Muñoz, Planning Manager
  • Status: Plan Check

Project Description

Design Review (DR-2020-03) to construct a new 97,200 SF. industrial building, a Use Permit (UP-2020-01) for 24/7 operations, and a Lot Merger (LM-2020-02) to merge the two existing parcels into one parcel.

415 S Motor Avenue - Industrial Building

A Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was prepared for the project and determined that implementation would result in certain significant and unavoidable traffic impacts related to vehicle miles traveled (VMT) thresholds despite implementation of the proposed mitigation measures. A Statement of Overriding Considerations has been prepared which identifies the economic, social, and other considerations and benefits that would be derived from the project.

Environmental Documents