Azusa Greens Redevelopment Project

Project Details

Project Description 

The project is proposing a zone change to West End Light Industrial District (DWL) and Neighborhood General - Moderate Density Residential (NG3 Mod).  The golf course would remain Recreation Zone but would be converted from a 18-hole to 9-hole golf course.  The project would include General Plan Amendment, Zone Change, Design Review, and Tentative Tract Map.  

The City of Azusa is not considering or committing to approve a project subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) at this hearing. Should the City grant the project the ability to continue the Environmental Review process the city will still retain its discretion, under CEQA, to adopt an alternative, impose mitigation measures, or disapprove the project altogether, once the Environmental Review process is completed.  The project is in the Preliminary Plan Review stage. 


Public Hearing – City Council June 6, 2022 Meeting – Video


Public Hearing – City Council June 6, 2022 Meeting – Staff Report 

Revised Azusa Greens Redevelopment Project Plans 

Illustrative Project Timeline 

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