Azusa Golden Days


Welcome to the 75th annual Azusa Golden Days!

In introducing our 2023 official logo, we show the representation of three eras in the history of our organization. Starting with the stage coach on the left that shows the original 1949 logo that was in use until 1972, when it was redesigned from a graphic into a painting with color, displayed on the right. During the rebranding in 1992, the boot in the center was introduced. Now, in honor of our 75th annual celebration, we present all 3 as one. To show the changes and history throughout time. This year's celebration is from October 13th through October 22nd with the parade being held on the 21st at 10 o'clock in the morning. Hope to see you all there. Till then, Happy Golden Days!

Azusa Golden Days Calendar of events


Miss Azusa! Where are you?

In honor of the 75th annual Azusa Golden Days celebration, we are searching for our former royalty. Please contact Hospitality Chairwoman, Andrea Batista at 951-212-3842.

Happy Golden Days!

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