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9-1-1 Calls

When Should I call 9-1-1?
9-1-1 should be dialed whenever police, fire, or ambulance services are needed for an emergency. When you dial 9-1-1, your address and phone number will show up on a monitor in the police dispatcher center.

What is considered an emergency?
  • Something that should be stopped, prevented, or remedied at the immediate time because it threatens life, physical well-being, or property.
  • If you are unsure if your situation is an emergency, call 9-1-1 and the dispatcher will ask you to call back on the business line if it is not considered an emergency.
Not emergencies:
  • Loud music complaints
  • Parking complaints
  • Barking dog complaints

You should have the following information ready for the dispatcher:
  • Location of the problem
  • Nature of the problem
  • Is anyone injured?
  • Time element
  • Suspect description
  • Vehicle description

When giving information, don't edit.  Give all the information you have.

When You Call 911, You've Got A lot Of People Working For You

It's not just who you hear on the other end of the phone or who you see driving the police car who cares about you in an emergency. Here's an example of a medical call and who's involved:

1 - The Azusa PD 911 Telephone operator - Takes your call
1 - The Azusa PD 911 Radio operator - Dispatches the police unit to your location
1 - The police officer assigned to the call
1 - The fire department telephone operator - Takes the call on behalf of the fire department
1 - The fire department radio operator - Dispatches the fire department paramedics
1 - The ambulance dispatcher - Dispatches the amubulance
6 - Fire fighters / paramedics
2 - Ambulance EMTs
2 - A Nurse and doctor at the hospital communicating with the paramedics at the scene

That's 16 people involved with your call working hard for you. So please, call 911 only when you have a legitimate emergency. Do not call 911 for directions, movie times, or to complain about your fast food order.

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