Policies & Procedures

The City makes its purchases under the authority granted in our Municipal Code. Competitive bidding is the primary method for obtaining solicitations. Competitive bids are not subject to negotiations. Awards are made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidders meeting City specifications.

Remember, only the Purchasing Division is authorized to commit the City for the purchase of goods and services. No payment will be made for any goods delivered or services provided without a purchase order number or contract.

Methods of Procurement
Telephone Quotations
Purchases are made utilizing techniques such as telephone quotations for items of small value (under $5,000), or where time limitations, sole source or emergency conditions prevail.

Written Informal Quotations
Written informal quotations are used for items of greater value - $5,000 or more, but not exceeding $25,000 - where a competitive market exists.

Formal Bid Procedures
Formal bid procedures are used when the procurement is estimated to exceed $25,000 for goods and services and $125,000 for public works projects (construction).

Bids submitted to the City are public information. Therefore, you may attend the public bid openings, or you may call us for bid results the following day.

Selecting Sources of Supply
The City establishes no preferential list of sources. We buy from both large and small suppliers. The orders are awarded on the basis of the best price meeting City requirements.

The City has adopted a local 5% price bid preference for those bidders located within the City limits. Therefore, up to a 5% price preference may be applied to the total bid price during evaluation of the bid response.