Human Resources


Our goal in Human Resources is to provide the community with the most qualified employees who will give Azusan's the best quality service.

Services & Programs

Human Resources administers Personnel and Risk Management Programs including the following:

  • Recruitment and Selection – responsible for recruiting and retaining the City’s workforce.
  • Classification and Compensation – responsible to ensure positions are classified appropriately and compensated within their respective markets
  • Employer/employee relations – oversees labor relations, investigation of employee misconduct, grievances, discipline, labor negotiations and contract administration
  • Employee benefit administration – oversees medical, dental, vision and supplemental insurances, retirement, deferred compensation, and employee leave programs
  • Liability claims administration – manages general liability claims filed against the City
  • Workers’ compensation claims administration – manages employee industrial injury claims, including follow-up and after care of employees
  • Insurance review – ensures contractors and special events sponsors carry adequate insurance to appropriately protect the City (General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation (self-insured) coverage for the City)