National Averages for Single-Family Households of Four People
  • Lawn watering accounts for nearly half of the water used by most homes
  • Residential landscapes are over-watered as much as 20-40%
  • The toilet consumes 25% of all water used by the homeowner
  • A small faucet leak (80 drips per minute) wastes 7 gallons of water per day
  • An automatic clothes washer uses 30-35 gallons of water for each cycle
  • A shower uses up to 8 gallons per minute
  • A bathtub uses 25 to 30 gallons
  • A dishwasher uses 10 to 20 gallons per load
  • A toilet uses up to 6 gallons per flush
  • Kitchen and bathroom faucets use up to 5 gallons per minute
  • A half-inch garden hose uses up to 500 gallons per hour
(Source: California Department of Resources)