Commodity Charges

Baseline Commodity Charge:
The baseline commodity charge shall be in effect during times when no drought is declared pursuant to Rule No. 21. The “baseline” assumes that sales or consumption by all customers is approximately 20% below sales during calendar year 2013. Sales or consumption is measured in increments of cubic feet. One cubic foot is 7.48 gallons of water. Each unit of water is billed as 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons. One hundred cubic feet is commonly referred to as CCF. Commodity rates are set based on the cost to provide service for the respective meter size, and the tiered rates below shall be used to allocate costs in proportion to consumption for the respective meter sizes.

Commodity Drought Rate Schedule

From time to time the water utility may be required to encourage its customers to conserve water. Conservation activities can significantly reduce the water utility’s revenue, and in order to meet the water utility’s revenue requirements the following commodity drought rate schedule shall be used. If the water utility declares a water shortage in compliance with Rule 21, the following Commodity Drought Rate Schedule shall be effective and shall continue in effect until the water shortage declaration has ended or is no longer in effect.