Water System Development Fee


The City of Azusa adopted an Ordinance in 1988 creating a Water System Development Fee. The City Council determined that future development within the water system service area would result in increased demands that would exceed the capacity of the existing water system. The Water System Development Fee was created to fund the cost of the future water system improvements and is imposed upon future development within the water system service area. Fees are calculated based upon the additional demand the new service will place on the system. If there is any change in floor footage, the Water System Development Fee shall apply. Fees must be paid to Azusa Light & Water prior to the final Water Plan approval.

Land Use Category 
Price per Dwelling Unit/SF
Residential $2,050/DU
Commercial $0.98/SF
Industrial $0.40/SF
School $8,000
Park $4,000
Accessory Dwelling Units 750 Sq Ft or more  $700