Recycling Programs

The City of Azusa takes an innovative approach to recovering recyclables from the waste stream. All trash in Azusa, whether it’s residential, multifamily, or commercial, is taken to a material recovery facility (MRF) located near the City of Industry.

At the MRF, all paper, glass, plastic, and metal is recovered and recycled, including some organic material like wood, and inert material like rocks. Azusa’s recycling program allows residents and businesses to significantly reduce the amount of trash buried in local landfills and helps the City comply with the State’s strict recycling laws.

The program allows all of us to conserve our natural resources and reduce costs associated with disposal of solid waste. Recycling such items as aluminum, paper, glass, and plastic also helps reduce reliance on raw materials and the cost to manufacture new products.

How It Works

The new program is comprehensive and convenient. No separation of recyclables is required by refuse customers. All trash collected by Athens Services, the City’s exclusively franchised waste hauler, is taken to their MRF.

At the MRF, all waste travels through a system of conveyor belts, magnets, and sifting devices and the recovered recyclable materials are then sorted and bundled into bales for shipping.