Green Waste Program

What Is Yard Waste?

Yard waste is grass clippings, leaves, and tree trimmings.

Yard Waste Collection

For many years, yard waste collected in Azusa was taken to the Puente Hills Landfill where it was used as a cover material. However, the landfill closed in October 2013 so yard waste is no longer taken to landfill. Instead, it is now recycled into a soil amendment at a facility in Pomona and used for landscaping and gardening purposes. For this reason, it is critical to make sure trash is NOT mixed in with your yard waste.
Acceptable Materials
Acceptable materials include grass, leaves, plant clippings, tree trimmings, residual dirt, and succulent plants.

NO CONTAMINANTS such as food waste, glass, plastics, metal, paper, construction materials, rocks or concrete should be placed into your yard waste barrels. These can lead to your yard waste barrel being red tagged and not serviced.


  • Place your Yard Waste directly into barrel(s) no larger than 33 gallons.
  • DO NOT put yard waste into plastic or paper bags.
  • Tie trimmings into bundles no more than 4-feet in length and place next to barrels.
  • Set the Yard Waste barrel(s) next to your regular trash barrels before 6 a.m. on your regular collection day or the night before to ensure pick-up.
  • Use decals to mark your yard waste barrels with the decal facing the street. If you need decals, call (626) 812-5225.
Thank you for your cooperation! Remember, green waste counts toward the City's recycling goal and helps lower the cost of your trash service. The more you separate, the more you save.

For missed pick-ups, call Athens Services at (888) 336-6100.