Backyard Composting

What Is Composting?

Composting is the controlled decomposition of organic material such as leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and vegetable food waste. Compost is the soil amendment that results from proper composting and is usually desired by gardeners.

Why Should I Use Backyard Composting?

Since over 30% of household trash is made up of yard waste and kitchen scraps, composting is a great way to reduce the cost of green waste collection and the amount of material requiring MRF processing.

How Do I Start a Backyard Compost Pile?

The easiest compost pile to create calls for blending roughly equal parts of green material (high in nitrogen) with brown material (high in carbon). Follow these simple instructions to start your own:
  1. Evenly mix or layer grass cuttings (green material) with leaves (brown material) in a pile.
  2. Wet contents with water and fluff to add air.
  3. Microorganisms will breakdown the pile over time.
  4. You will have to turn the pile occasionally - preferably upside down and inside out.
Compost bins can help you manage the pile and are available from local hardware stores and gardening shops.

Learn backyard composting from the master gardeners from the Public Works of Los Angeles County. When you practice smart gardening, you will conserve water and energy, improve your lawn and garden, recycle yard waste and kitchen scraps, divert waste from our landfills, and help preserve the environment.

To learn about backyard and worm composting, water-wise gardening, grasscycling and other smart gardening techniques, attend a County workshop. Azusa residents can apply for a rebate for the full purchase price of bin by submitting a rebate application form and proof of purchase.