When is my trash day?

Call Athens Customer Service or check your street on the Trash Collection Schedule.

How do I properly place containers during trash day?

Place carts at the curb or on the sidewalk or on adjacent alley on your trash day (by 6 AM) with the wheels against the curb spaced at least 1-foot apart side-by-side.

What goes where?

Go to http://CanIRecycleMy.com  for Athens Services “What Goes Where Guide” interactive zero-waste guide for correctly reusing, recycling, and composting unwanted items. You may also print the Recycling Cheat Sheet for a list of items acceptable in each container 

Are plastic bags acceptable in the green container?

Plastic and “compostable/bioplastic” bags are accepted in the green container, but they must be CLEAR and contents inside the bag must be visible. Bags will be ripped open to liberate the contents but the bags will not be recycled or composted. Learn more about Residential Food Scrap Collection here.

How do I request additional carts or change cart size?

Please contact Athens Services Customer Service.

How do I dispose of my old containers?

Old carts collected automatically if placed empty and upside down on curb on service day. If customers miss these dates, they will need to call Athens Customer Service to schedule a bulky item pickup.

How do I dispose of bulky items?

Athens Services will continue to provide Single-Family residences and Multi-Family customers with FREE bulky item collection, but items for pickup must be scheduled in advance. To arrange a pickup, please contact Athens Services at least 24-hours before your collection day via https://athensservices.com/bulky-item-pickup/  or by calling (833) 791-2375. To avoid a missed pickup of your bulky items, you must contact Athens to schedule the pickup.

Where can I learn more about the City’s SB 1383 program?

Learn more about the changes in the City of Azusa to comply with SB 1383 here.