Reconnect Charges

A customer will have their services discontinued for failure to pay the prepayment by the due date, which is 14 days from the billing date. Customers who have had service discontinued will be required to pay a reconnection fee in addition to their prepayment amount.

Customer accounts that do not have a prepayment and are subject to late payment charge and discontinuance of service for nonpayment will be required to pay a prepayment. If services have been discontinued, the prepayment must be paid prior to services being restored.

Restoring Discontinued Service
When restoring service that has been discontinued for nonpayment the following charges and procedures apply. Prior to reconnection of service during business hours, but before 5:00 pm, the customer shall prepay a reconnection charge in addition to any delinquent charges.

If requested that such service be reconnected after 5:00 pm, but before 5:30 pm, Monday through Thursday, the customer shall prepay a reconnection charge in addition to any delinquent charges.

Customers requesting reconnection of services after the close of business, but before midnight, will be charged a fee in addition to the delinquent amount on their account. Customers who are reconnected after business hours are further required to make payment in full of reconnection charge and any delinquent charges at the Azusa Light and Water office by 10:00 am the following Monday. Failure to comply will result in services being disconnected again and no reconnection will be provided without receipt of payment. Additionally, no after hours reconnection will be provided for six consecutive months.

In the event the customer has turned on the service after it has been turned off for any of the above reasons, and the Utility has again turned off the service, there shall be a charge in addition to other amounts due from the customer before service is restored.  If the meter is removed, there will be a service charge.

No after hours reconnection for nonpayment will be provided, except on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Calls to the Azusa Light and Water office must be received no later than 7:30 pm.

Cash Prepayment
In cases where the customer's service is discontinued for nonpayment of bill for service, or where notice of discontinuance for nonpayment of a bill has been given, the Utility may require the customer to reestablish his credit by making a cash prepayment.

Additional Charges
If service is terminated at the riser or pole, there will be a service charge, and if the service is terminated at the underground areas, there will be a service charge, in addition to reconnection charge.

If it becomes necessary to remove the service drop, there will be an additional charge prior to restoring service.

If service(s) have been restored illegally or damaged due to tampering, the customer must pay all damage charges prior to reconnection. The customer and/or beneficiary of service is responsible for all damage charges whether or not service is reconnected.