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Read Your Electric Meter

To read this mechanical style electric meter, start from the right side of the dials. There may be four or five dials. The dials move like watch dials, except that every other one moves counter-clockwise.

Read the number closest to the hand. If the hand is between two numbers, record the lower number and move to the next dial on the left, proceeding until all dials are read. Record the numbers of each dial as it is read.

The current read is then correctly read starting from the left, and appears on the bill as the present read. The present read on this meter is 41941.
electric meter image
AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) meters have digital dials that are read straight across from left to right.  These meters are used for locations that are hard to read due to access issues.  The present read on this meter is 5140.
AMR Meter image
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