Tips for Saving Money

Saving Money Year-Round
For year-round savings on your utility bills, consider the following:
  • Purchase light emitting diode (LED) bulbs to replace incandescent light bulbs on frequently used lights.
  • Install low flow showerheads and wrap an insulating blanket around your water heater.
  • Set the water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • When purchasing major appliances, look for the yellow label showing the energy-efficiency rating and choose energy-efficient models.
  • The fuller your freezer is, the less it will need to run to maintain a cold temperature. If you do not have a lot of food items, freeze milk cartons of water to displace the empty air. This will prevent the refrigerator from cycling on and off as much.

Saving Money When It's Cold
During the heating season, follow these simple suggestions to save money:
  • Weatherstrip and caulk windows and doors.
  • Open drapes and blinds on the sunny side of the home to allow the sun's rays to enter.
  • At night and on overcast days, keep blinds and drapes closed to keep the heat in.
  • Dress warmly. Set heaters to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Close doors to unused rooms and close heater vents to those rooms to reduce heating costs.
  • Small electric heaters are very costly to run. Check the energy ratings when purchasing one.
  • Wrap an insulation blanket around your electric water heater.

Saving Money When It's Hot
During the cooling season, follow these suggestions:
  • Use fans as much as possible. They are much less expensive to run than central or room air conditioners.
  • Use shades, awnings, blinds, drapes, or window tinting to block the sun's rays on sunny days.
  • As temperatures cool off at night, open windows and doors to allow the cool air to circulate.
  • Maintain cooling equipment at manufacturer’s recommendation for optimum operating efficiency.
  • Set thermostats at 78 degrees or higher. (Some may require cooler conditions for health reasons.)
  • Check insulation and weatherstripping to make sure cool air isn’t escaping.