General Service - Schedule G


This service is applicable to single and three-phase general service including lighting and power.


This service applies to areas within the electric service territory of the City of Azusa.

Rate G-1
Customer charge: $10.00 per meter, per month

Energy charge (to be added to customer charge):
  • First 500 kwh, per kwh 16.50¢
  • All excess kwh, per kwh 14.30¢

Minimum charge: The monthly minimum charge shall be the monthly customer charge.

Rate G-2
Demand charge:
  • First 20 KW or less of billing demand no charge
  • Additional KW of billing demand, per KW $9.75

Energy charge:
  • First 500 kwh, per kwh 16.89¢
  • Next 4,500 kwh, per kwh 14.98¢
  • Additional kwh, per kwh 9.50¢

Minimum charge: The monthly minimum charge shall be $167.81 if the energy charge is less than $167.81.

Special Conditions
  • Service will be supplied at one standard voltage through one meter.
  • Rate G-1 is applicable when a demand meter is installed in accordance with the next condition.
  • A maximum demand meter will be installed when, in the opinion of the Utility, the customer's load and use characteristics indicate that the maximum demand may exceed 20 KW or when the customer requests a demand rate
  • The billing demand of the month shall be the maximum kilowatt measured in the 15 minute interval in that month, but not less than 50 percent of the highest demand established in the preceding 11 months. 
    • Billing demand shall be determined to the nearest 1/10 KW.
  • When the use of energy is seasonal or intermittent, no adjustment will be made for a temporary discontinuance of service. Any customer, prior to resuming service within 12 months after such service was discontinued, will be required to pay all charges which would have been billed if service had not been discontinued.
  • The above rates are subject to fuel cost adjustments.
  • A State Surcharge Tax may be added to the above rates.