Renewable Energy

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy generated from nearly inexhaustible sources such as the sun, the wind, the ocean, and the Earth's core, or from sources that can be quickly replenished such as biomass and biogas.

What are Renewable Portfolio Standards?

California's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), one of the most ambitious renewable energy standards in the country was initially established in 2002 under Senate Bill 1078 further accelerated in 2006 under Senate Bill 107.

Following Senate Bill 107, SBX 1-2, required all California's electric utilities to progressively reach an aggressive 20%-33% RPS target from year 2011 to year 2020. The latest target established by Senate Bill 100 in 2018 requires Azusa to serve a minimum of 60% of electricity sales from renewable energy resources by 2030.  In order to achieve compliance with past and present statutes, Azusa has been actively augmenting its renewable portfolio and has procured requisite amounts of renewable portfolio standard compliance products, including renewable energy and “unbundled” Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s).

Azusa's Progress

Azusa has been at the forefront of renewable energy procurement and utilization since the passage of first California renewable energy legislation - SB1078. The City is making extensive strides to meet the California’s current renewable energy goals through Azusa Light & Water. The City was one of the first electric utilities to sign a long term agreement for 6 MW of wind power from High Winds Project in northern California in 2003. In addition to the High Winds Project the City signed a long term agreement for 6.5 MW of wind generation from Garnet Wind in Palm Springs, California. The City has also contracted hydropower from local small hydro power plants owned by San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District and Metropolitan Water District, providing approximately 4.7 MW of capacity. Since 2013 Azusa has entered into multiple photovoltaic projects and has recently entered into a long term wind agreement.

The City is meeting the statutory RPS targets and continues to look ahead and plan its future renewable resources as needed with the expectation to meet its renewable energy goals.