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Is Your Power Out?

Is Your Power Out?
Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Circuit breakers and fuses are designed to protect the wiring and appliances in your home against overheating and fires. All houses have a main breaker or fuse and may have sub-breakers or fuses. The main breaker is usually located by the electric meter and the sub-breakers are either at the meter or at the sub-panel inside the house. Fuses cannot be reset and must be replaced. Use only fuses that are rated for the circuit board.
  • If only some of your lights go out, then you probably have a tripped or defective circuit breaker. First unplug lamps or appliances on that circuit, then reset the tripped breaker by switching it to off and then back to the on position.
  • If after turning the breaker back on, the lights stay on, the circuit was overloaded.
  • If the breaker trips again it might be defective and needs to be replaced.
  • If all the power in your house goes out at the same time, check to see if your neighbors have electricity. If their lights are still on then it is a problem with your house only. Try resetting the main breaker.
  • If you are unable to turn your power back on, please call Azusa Light & Water at (626) 812-5225 and we will assist you.
Locating a Circuit Breaker
To be able to quickly locate a circuit breaker, mark the electrical panel. Turn on lights and appliances in all rooms, then turn off one breaker at a time. Note what lights and appliances go out and what circuit they are on. Keep this information at the electrical panel in case of an emergency.
Electrical panel
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