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Access to Water Meter

Water Mete Access Schematic

Hose Bib, commonly called a faucet, is where a garden hose is attached.

House Valve is located on the pipe coming from the meter directly below the hose bib. It is used to shut off the water in an emergency if there a leak in the house.

Water Meter is in the meter box and measures usage in CCF’s or 100 cubic feet of water. 100 cubic feet is equal to 748 gallons.

Curb Valve or Service Stop is in the meter box on Light & Water’s side of the meter. It is used to stop water from flowing through the meter to the house.

Water Service Pipe, or lateral, carries water from the main to the meter.

Water Mains, not shown, are large pipes buried under the street that supply water to your neighborhood.

Fire Hydrants, usually painted yellow, are in the parkways and supply large volumes of water when needed to extinguish a fire. They can only be used for fighting a fire unless prior permission is granted.

  1. Azusa County CA Homepage

  1. City of Azusa

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  1. Phone: 626-812-5200

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