Service Reconnection

When restoring service that has been discontinued for nonpayment the following charges and procedures apply:
  1. Prior to re-connection of service during business hours, but before 5 pm, the customer is required to pre-pay a re-connection charge in addition to any delinquent charges.
  2. If requested that service be reconnected after 5 pm, but before 5:30 pm, Monday through Thursday, the customer is required to pre-pay a re-connection charge of $115 in addition to any delinquent charges.
  3. Customers requesting re-connection of services after the close of business, but before midnight, will be charged $115 in addition to the delinquent amount on their account. These customers are required to make payment in full including re-connection charge and any delinquent charges at the Azusa Light & Water office by 10 am the following Monday. Failure to comply will result in services being disconnected again and no re-connection will be provided without receipt of payment. Additionally, no after-hours re-connection will be provided for 6 consecutive months.
  4. The re-connection charge will be $224 if re-connection is made between 12 midnight and 7 am. No after-hours re-connection for non-payment will be provided, except on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; calls to the Azusa Light and Water office must be received no later than 7:30 pm.

In cases where the customer's service is discontinued for nonpayment of bill for service, or where notice of discontinuance for nonpayment of a bill has been given, the Utility may require the customer to re-establish his credit by making a cash pre-payment.

For more information, call Azusa Light & Water at (626) 812-5225.