The Azusa City Council encourages citizen participation in its decision-making process, most notably through its active use of citizen boards and commission (referred to collectively as “city commissions”). These bodies play a critical advisory role in the City of Azusa, with individuals who serve on the City’s commissions being among the most respected and appreciated volunteers in the community.

Appoints are made by the Mayor after consultation with and full approval by the City Council, which relies heavily on the recommendations of individuals.


There are 6 citizen Boards and Commissions that advise and assist the City Council in dealing with specific issues. Each Board and Commission is comprised of 5 citizens who serve terms of up to four years, with terms ending September 30. Use the following links for more information on each of the Boards and Commissions:

Art in Public Places
Cultural & Historic Preservation Commission
Library Commission
Parks & Recreation Commission
Personnel Board 
Planning Commission
Utility Board


By serving on a City board/commission, you can participate in local government and help plan the future of Azusa. Boards/Commissions serve as a conduit for citizen input – a way of gathering, analyzing, and recommending options to the City Council. Commissions provide an important avenue for determining the community’s feelings about various issues and extending the reach of the democratic process. The work of a commissioner requires dedication, a commitment to open dialogue and bettering the community, the utmost professionalism, and time (attendance of regular meetings). However, the experience also provides an opportunity to participate in the decision-making process and help shape the future of Azusa.

If you are interested in serving on a commission, please fill out an application. Applications may be downloaded from the link below, or call 626-812-5200 and an application will be mailed or emailed to you. Feel free to include a resume or other information to help the City Council in the selection process. Please be aware that all applications and accompanying documents are considered public information and may be disclosed/released pursuant to the California Public Records Act. Applications are submitted to City Council for appointment at a regular Council meeting.

Board and Commission Application Form 

Applications can be submitted via e-mail to; or in person or via mail to the City Clerk’s Office, City Hall, 213 E. Foothill Blvd, Azusa, CA 91702.

Commission Handbook 

 The City of Azusa Commission Handbook is meant to serve as an introductory and reference guide to city commissions and the appointed roles. The handbook provides an in-depth overview of each commission including accepted practices and guidelines, and while attempting not to be overly restrictive, establishes key expectations and procedures in order to guide commissioners in their actions. The handbook further:

  • Outlines the roles and functions of the City’s boards/commissions;
  • Reviews important guidelines and expectations of appointed members;
  • Provides information about the history and composition of the City organization; and
  • Provides members with information necessary to understand areas of responsibility for their respective board, commission, or committee, and their role in serving the City.

The handbook further provides a summary of important aspects of City government and commission activities. However, it cannot incorporate all material and information relevant to and necessary for undertaking the business of city commissions. Many other laws, plans and documents exist which bind the commissioners to certain courses of action and practices. Azusa’s City Clerk’s Office plays an important role in helping ensure that all commissioners are adequately prepared for the role, and remain in compliance with all necessary guidelines and laws.

Download a copy of the Commission Handbook 



When a vacancy occurs on a board and/or commission, this information is posted on the City’s vacancy list within 15 days of the occurrence. The Azusa City Council will then proceed with filling vacant appointments as needed.  

How the City Council’s Appointment Process Works

  1. Application. Interested Azusa residents apply to be considered serving on a Board or Commission. When there is a vacancy, all applications on file for that Board or Commission are forwarded to the City Council. 
  2. Interview. The application process includes an Interview with the City Council at a Special City Council Meeting.  The City Clerk will notify all applicants of the time and place of the interview, and the amount of time allowed for the interview. 
  3. Appointments. At a City Council meeting, the Council makes formal appointments by Resolution. Those appointed will receive a follow up letter with results and additional information. For those not selected, applications will remain active for future vacancies, for one year form the application date. 

Every newly appointed board member or commission member is required to complete the AB 1234 Ethics training required by California Government Code 53234 within 6 months of appointment and every two years thereafter. Members are also required to file FPPC Form 700 Conflict of Interest form within 30 days of appointment with the City Clerk’s Office. 

For more information on the board and commission application and appointment process please contact the City Clerk’s Office 626-812-5200 or email CityClerk@AzusaCa.Gov

In compliance with the requirements of the Maddy Act, Government Code §54970, the following is a list of the City of Azusa Commissions: Maddy Act Notice

Notice of Vacancy
Notice of Vacancies 2023

Board and Commission Facts
Boards and Commission Facts