Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

CDBG Projects and Services

The City of Azusa has participated in the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program under the umbrella of Los Angeles County Community Development Commission (CDC) since 1974. The primary objective of the CDBG program is the development of viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment, and expanding economic opportunities, principally for persons of low- and-moderate income. In order to be eligible for CDBG funding, a project must address at least one of the following national objectives:
  • The activity must benefit low and moderate income Azusa residents; or
  • The activity must aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or urban blight; or
  • The activity must meet a certified urgent need posing a threat to health and welfare.
The City begins programming its grant funds in November of each year for the following fiscal year projects. Applications may be requested from the Economic and Community Development Department by calling (626) 812-5236.

All CDBG-funded projects are approved by the Azusa City Council.

Non-Public Service Projects

Street ADA/Safety Improvements: (8) wheelchair ramps and (2) access gates will be constructed by the City in the vicinity of Lee Place, Matchwood Place, and Rockvale Avenue in order to provide handicapped access and a safer environment to low income area residents, pedestrians, and students attending nearby Azusa High School.

Code Enforcement Program/CDBG: One full-time community improvement inspector is paid by the City to provide code enforcement activities concentrated in eligible low-to-moderate income areas of the City. The Community Improvement Division works to promote and maintain a safe and desirable environment. The Community Improvement Division can be contacted at (626) 812-5265 or (626) 812-5235 for information about complaints and inspections, rental inspections, and Real Property Records Reports.

CDBG Grant Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Program: 
CDBG Grant Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Program:

  • Offered to low income households, located in the City of Azusa. (All members of the household and all their combined income is included.)
  • Eligible homes must be owner-occupied.
  • Eligible repairs include code violation corrections, electrical, plumbing, roofing, health and safety issues, exterior paint/stucco, windows, weatherproofing, termite, asbestos & lead abatement, etc, up to $12,000. All requests must be inspected and approved by the Housing Department.
  • Approved work will be put out to bid and awarded to lowest licensed contractor on the City of Azusa’s bidding list (must apply and meet City requirements.)
  • Applicants can only apply once every five years for Grant programs. Applicants are considered on a first come, first served basis, until funds are depleted. Funds for this program are very limited and become available in July.
Please call Vivian or Bill Moss at (626) 812-5298 for an application or to schedule an appointment (Tuesday 9:00-10:00.)

Public Service Projects

After School Playground Program: CDBG funding provides after school recreational and tutoring activities at 6 school sites-Murray, Powell, Dalton, Mountain View, Lee, and Gladstone Street Schools-to elementary-aged youths in conjunction with the Recreation and Family Services Department and School District. The program serves approximately 1,080 children ages 5-14 through a diversified, yet structured program of school year activities including coaching, mentoring, and tutoring. For more information, view the City’s Recreation Department website or call (626) 812-5455.

Homework House: This program, offered by the Azusa-based non-profit Neighborhood Homework House, provides tutoring, Summer Splash, and academic enrichment programs to children from Kindergarten through 12th Grade. A trained tutoring staff provides individualized instruction, and teacher evaluations and assessment tests measure successes. Homework House operates at 2 Azusa locations-the 9th St. Homework House at 561 E. 9th St., Apt 3; and the 6th St. Homework House at 667 Glenfinnan, Apt. D. For more information, you may view their website at, or call (626) 969-7051.

Sr. Nutrition Site Manager: One part-time Senior Nutrition Site Manager is paid by the City to supervise the Congregate and Home Delivered Meals Programs at the Azusa Senior Center. This service provides lunches at the Senior Center, and Home Delivered Meals to Azusa residents who are 55 years or older. Special events providing proper nutrition information are also offered. For more information, please view Senior Center Services listed under the City’s Recreation Department website or call (626) 812-5204.

Senior Referral and Case Management: This program complements existing programs offered to seniors by the Azusa Senior Center. City-based referral and case management services are offered by social workers from the Santa Anita Family Service, a nonprofit organization, directly to Azusa seniors out of the Azusa Senior Center. Housing, nutrition, social security, disability and other concerns of the 55+ population of Azusa residents are addressed. For more information, please view senior center services (case management) listed under the City’s Recreation Department website, or call (626) 812-5204.