Emergency Services

Emergency Operations Center
Day to day operations are conducted by various city departments. City personnel are widely dispersed throughout the City, and on any given day, the quiet maintenance of the city’s infrastructure and utility services is expediently and efficiently maintained. Within the Police department is a small unit, the Office of Emergency Services. This office plans and prepares for the possibility of a disaster; a disaster that would not be quiet. It would be an event that would disrupt the comfort and peace of this community.

The City of Azusa Emergency Operations Center is where centralized emergency management can be performed during a disaster. The Office of Emergency services conducts training, plan development, and community education. It regularly trains city personnel how to respond to disasters, in order to support field emergency personnel in their efforts to save lives, property, and the environment.

When the City of Azusa “EOC” is activated during a disaster, it is implanted with department managers, and city personnel familiar with city operations. Together, they make emergency decisions such as manage and coordinate operations, receive and disseminate information from emergency personnel, expedite the purchase and procurement of much needed resources, develop emergency policies and procedures, and provide emergency information and instruction to the public.

Understanding the importance of asking for help, declaring an emergency, and pulling together existing resources until help arrives is paramount. Mutual aid and support does not happen miraculously. By coordinating with neighboring jurisdictions, the Los Angeles County Operations Area, other pertinent federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, and volunteers, the City of Azusa stands a better chance of recovery.