Building Design Requirements

Current Adopted Building Codes 2019 Edition California Building Code
2019 Edition California Electrical Code
2019 Edition California Energy Code
2019 Edition California Mechanical Code
2019 Edition California Plumbing Code
2018 Edition The International Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Code
2017 County of Los Angeles Fire Code
Structural References ASCE 7-10 W/Supp. No 1 & 2,  AISC 360-10 & 341-10, ACI 318 -14, TMS 402-13, TMS 602-13. NDS- 12, WFCM-15 and others as identified in the Building Code
Seismic Design – See CBC Section 1613 and ASCE 7-05 Chapter 11, 12 &  20. Site class: Site class D is assumed unless soils report specifies otherwise.
Seismic Design Category: E or F.  Go to  to determine S1 and Ss.  
Wind Design Basic Wind Speed: 89 miles per hour (3-second gust) Exposure C. 

Risk Category I - 100 MPH
Risk Category II- 110 MPH
Risk Category iii & Iv - 115 MPH

Importance factor, exposure and topographic features are site and project specific. See ASCE 7-10, Chapter 6. 
Soil and Foundation   Foundation and soils investigation and reports are required per CBC Section 1802.2. 
Climate Zone  Climate Zone 9 
Very High Fire Severity Zones Yes, areas of Azusa are located within VHFSZ. Go to Cal Fire to determine if site is located in VHFSZ.
Seismic Hazard Zones  Yes, there are Alquist Priola earthquake fault zones and seismic hazard severity zones prone to liquefaction and/or landslides located within the City of Azusa. Go to SHZP Data Maps to determine if site is located in Seismic Hazard Zone.
Additional Information Additional design information can be found in Chapter 14 of the City of Azusa Municipal Code.