WW II Veterans

In Memory Of All World War II Veterans
WWII Memorial Plaque at Azusa City Hall
This memorial is in honor of all of the World War II veterans who were involved in the fight for the freedom of America and the free world.
Whether they fought in the Pacific or European theater, they faced a resolute and often brutal enemy; yet they possessed the inner strength and courage that kept them going on the beaches at Normandy, in the deserts of North Africa and on the islands of the South Pacific.
The actions of those who were called to duty were probably best described by the words of Admiral Nimitz: “Uncommon valor was a common virtue.”
Azusans Killed In Action

Frank Patrick Abasta
Manuel M. Camarena
Henry M. Corona
Arthur Hermosillo
Gabriel Noriega
Charlie Von Behren
Robert Garrison
Philip Meier

Alfred Alvidrez
Ventura Contreras
Johnny Falcon
Frank Navarette
Jesse M. Ramirez
Ray G. Zavala
Wilbur Castlen
Julius Becker