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Why is my bill so high?
Usually during the summer season you will notice your bill going up due to air conditioning usage. If your bill is high all year long you can do an energy audit of your home.
a. Do you have more than one refrigerator?
b. Are your light bulbs higher than 60 watts?
c. If you have a swimming pool or any timers for water or lights, make sure to change them during the seasons for your benefit.

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1. What do I do if my lights go out?
2. Why do my lights flicker or dim?
3. Where are my breakers located?
4. Do we get our electricity from Edison?
5. Can I get electricity from Azusa instead of Edison?
6. Why is my bill so high?
7. My street light is out, flickers on and off, or stays on all day, whom can I call?
  1. Azusa County CA Homepage

  1. City of Azusa

  1. 213 E Foothill Boulevard

  1. Azusa, CA 91702

  1. Phone: 626-812-5200

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